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Equal Opportunity Policy

Our Commitment

TVS Mobility Private Limited, the Company, by virtue of its long traditional core values, ethical practices, Integrity and Honesty is committed to provide a safe and conducive work environment and provide equal employment opportunities without any discrimination on the grounds of age, color, disability, marital status, nationality, race, religion, sex to its employees and towards this it is committed that each employee is dealt with full fairness, respect and dignity.

TVS believes success is based on its employees. TVS respects personal liberty / dignity of its employees and no employees shall be deprived of his or her personal liberty only on the ground of disability.


This policy is framed in accordance with the provisions of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 and Rules thereunder. Further, the Company will take all actions to ensure that a conducive environment is provided to persons with disabilities to perform their role / duties and excel in the same.

This policy is applicable for all Branches, Outlets, Offices and Factories across all locations and it covers all employees during their whole period of employment i.e., right from induction to superannuation.

It is TVS Mobility Policy

  • To protect the rights of the disabled employees and will not tolerate exploitation.
  • To provide required amenities and facilities to employees with disabilities to enable them to discharge their duties efficiently.
  • To nominate HR & Operation executives to oversee the facilities / comforts of employees with disabilities on a regular basis and ensure it is always maintained.
  • No employee with disability is denied opportunity / training / promotion, merely on the ground of disability
  • That a Grievance Redressal mechanism for addressing the matters related to the employment of persons with disabilities is available. Grievances can be addressed to respective HR & Operations executives and all the grievances are addressed with set timeframe.
  • To ensure our contractors who engage their employees in TVS Mobility premises will also uphold the same policy / standards and in case of any deviation, we shall not hesitate to discontinue their business relationship.
  • For zero tolerance in case of breach of policy by any of its employee / Contractors.

Implementation Responsibility

  • This policy to be disseminated in TVS World / across all the locations and also widely communicated to all employees through induction / training programs.
  • The implementation of policy is the responsibility of all the employees but more particularly recruitment team / Outlet HR & Operations executives who normally induct the employees or en- gage the contract employees and oversee the implementation of policy across all locations.
  • Necessary disciplinary action will be initiated if employees breach this policy in any form including discrimination / harassment of employees with disability.
  • If any employee with disability being subjected to any form of discrimination / harassment, can raise the issue with HR & Operations executives.
  • All complaints / grievances will be attended with more sensitivity and fairness.
  • Policy will be reviewed periodically and changes if any will be made in accordance with the amendments in the statute.